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The Company renders pest control services that can remove the most stubborn insects such as mites, ticks, German cockroaches and tiny cockroaches, mosquitoes, dust mites, bedbugs, fruit flies, flies, spiders, etc.

The Company renders its services worldwide and being capable of handling mega projects on areas of thousands of rais, food manufacturing plants or hospitals that require non-insecticide control of insects, ocean liners and cruise ships.

This pest control system is capable of totally removing insects from the whole islands or cities when the typical pest and termite control systems fail to do so.

The Company renders its pest control services that guarantee 100% non-insecticide effective removal of pests from areas of every square inch of factories or the whole villages, including the interiors of houses and the common areas, lawn, flower gardens, clubs, shade gardens (covering areas of thousands of rais).

Nanowhite (Thailand) Co., Ltd., renders its non-toxic pest control services using Nanowhite herbs that guarantee 100% one-time removal of all types of pests throughout the service life of buildings without any puncturing of floors to inject toxicants on the ground; or any installation of chemical pipelines beneath the buildings; or any spurting of toxicants throughout the houses; or any spreading of toxic powder chemicals; or installation of any bait station; or any regular or monthly check-up. Guarantee of 100% refund of money in case of ineffective pest control.

The Company’s services rendered include elimination and protection from a variety of insects such as termites, ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, fruit flies, mayflies, annoying insects, flies, mites, ticks, dust mites, aphids, weeds, banyan trees, centipedes, snakes, rats, birds, house lizards, geckos, millipedes, small nonpoisonous centipede-like reptiles, worms, beetles, monitor lizards, bats, water hyacinth, aquatic leeches, grasshoppers, moss, mosquitoes, snails, golden apple snails, moths, bad smells, bedbugs.

NANOWHITE – a non-toxic pest and termite control system of which quality is far better than those of insecticides; and it is 100% safe to all of your loved ones in the house; QCS is produced from purely natural objects and being tested by reliable government agencies for its efficiency and safety. QCS is proven as a non-insecticide substance, which is not deadly to termites when exposed and is therefore not hazardous and safe to children because termites are million times less resistant to insecticides than humans. The household use of insecticides can shorten lives of all members in the houses and cause serious illnesses such as sterile conditions, migraines, cancers, allergies, paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease, total sexual dysfunctions.

Many people are unknowingly ill due to domestic exposure to insecticides, spurting of insecticides or spreading of powder chemicals before house building, installation of anti-termite chemical pipelines beneath the floors before house building, absorption of deadly toxicants into drinking water wells of almost all houses in the provinces, absorption of deadly toxicants into plastic or concrete water tanks, fogging of insect repellants and several other termite control methods. Though, QCS is not deadly to termites, it is 100% effective in keeping the houses free from termites, ants, cockroaches, mites, ticks because QCS will stop the protozoa in termite’s intestine from producing the enzymes for wood digestion; as a result, termites will be unable to digest wood and will gradually be dried to death within 21 days (according to the result of testing of efficiency and safety of QCS performed by the Department of Forestry). By using the QCS system, neither the puncturing of floors nor the monthly termite control is required; the termite elimination is guaranteed with 100% effectiveness without any condition or excuses. 100% Refund of money is guaranteed in case of ineffective termite elimination on the same spots.


If you ever tried to eliminate termites in traditional ways such as killing them by yourself, installing underground chemical pipelines, puncturing the floors to inject toxicants on the ground, installing bait stations, using Thai herbal systems, spreading toxic powder chemicals, fogging with insect repellants and all other methods but termites were still not totally eliminated; from now on (2007), just forget those obsolete and health-hazardous termite elimination methods, which cause severe diseases such as total sexual dysfunctions, migraines, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, sterile conditions, paralysis, etc. Nanotechnology is a state-of-the-art technology introduced to eliminate termites without killing them. Nanowhite herbs, which are edible and safe to facial skins, guarantee 100% effective one-time removal of all types of pests including termites, ants, cockroaches, mites, ticks, centipedes, snakes, rats, birds, house lizards, geckos, flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, monitor lizards, moths, banyan trees, aphids, worms, insects, spiders, etc. Nanowhite (Thailand) Co., Ltd., using nanotechnology, renders all systems of pest control services such as puncturing the floors to inject solutions on the ground, installing chemical pipelines beneath new and old buildings, using Sentricon or pentagon systems, baiting system produced from Thai herbs and desert plants, and guarantees 100% safe and effective one-time removal of termites and all types of pests. Nanowhite system generates highly adhesive forces and prolonged period of adhesion and can therefore be used for elimination of termites and all types of pests throughout the years and in all seasons including summer, rainy season and winter (even under the snow conditions); and therefore, no problems of on-site operations may occur under any extreme weather conditions.


1. We guarantee the total elimination of termites during the warranty period (we do not guarantee that we will come back every month because we are not sure if the termites are totally eliminated);

2. We guarantee that our customers will get 100% refund, if termites are not totally eliminated after our repetitive operations on the same spots (we do not guarantee that we will repeat our operations unlimitedly);

3. We will not deceitfully deny our responsibilities with excuses of acts of god such as floods or customers’ actions such as house extension, new built-in furniture making, keeping a lot of paper in the houses, bringing termite-bitten wood into the houses, water leakage onto the wood floors, failure to collect wood chips beneath the floors of newly-constructed buildings, termite nest formation in nearby deserted house, requiring revisions of warranty contracts and extra payments;

4. We would not deceitfully use propaganda to sell our termite elimination products by advertising that Thai herbs were laboratory-proven with absolutely satisfactory result of termite elimination; in fact, it had to take at least 6 months for termite elimination depending on sizes of underground termite nests; but we should tell customers the truth that termite would bite and cause damage to furniture only within 1-2 months; and termites might not be totally eliminated under such a long period of 6 months or 1-2 years (the majority of customers could not wait until the army of termites has eaten up their houses; and decided to hire a new termite elimination agent right away);

5. We would not advertise that termiticide products were safety-certified; in fact, the licenses were issued for storage of hazardous toxicants in intensely-protected buildings far away from communities;

6. We guarantee that our termite control technicians have been well-trained and supervised by experts licensed by the Ministry of Public Health and universities; we would not guarantee that our termite control technicians were highly experienced; in fact, they might not have any technical knowledge at all;

7. We guarantee that the materials used in our termite elimination products would not kill terminate immediately because the termite queen would be misunderstood that the working termites have all been eaten by other animals and would breed and spread new generations of termites all over the buildings; but we use QCS substance produced from plants and already tested by government agencies for its safety and quality that QCS is effective for termite control; it will not kill termites but after the spraying of QCS, termites will gradually be dried to death within 21 days because the working termites will stop producing the enzymes for wood digestion; as a result, all termites will be starving, stop breeding and will gradually die of starvation;


* We render services of elimination of termites and all types of pests and annoying insects such as ants, cockroaches, rats, mites, ticks, snakes, monitor lizards, centipedes, spiders, mosquitoes, dust mites, bats, barn owls, pigeons, house lizards, geckos, worms, wasps and hornets, bees, bugs and all types of annoying insects, without killing them but they will totally be eliminated. Nanowhite herbs have been registered with the Department of Intellectual Property.

* We render services of repairs of building cracks, with solutions to all problems of leakage, leaning buildings, using the advanced technology developed by NASA;

* We manufacture light weight block masonry mortar of which quality is higher than those of cements in general;

* We are the sole manufacturer and distributor of Nanowhite herbs in Thailand and worldwide;

* We welcome all potential franchisees in the provinces of Thailand and worldwide;(For Christian)


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